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I’ve been to dozens of SOA lectures, presentations and conferences and though I considered some (the first ones) to be very interesting as I approached the subject, it soon started to get a bit boring as I easily could anticipate what the presenters were going to say: why adopt SOA, how will your company benefit from SOA, the possibilities SOA gives you, etc. etc. It’s fair to say that there is a lot of confusion and false expertise in this area and often these conferences are more a PR and sales show rather than a valid review of what SOA really is. But why all this fuzz about SOA? A SOA expert/sales man once said at a seminar: ‘Don’t ask yourself if you need SOA, you already have it!’. At first I thought it was funny as it sounded more like some kind of disease... ‘oh crap! when...!? It must have been that Thai stuff...’. But then he went on saying that SOA is a brand... (more)

What Happened To SOA?

Enterprise Architecture on Ulitzer Is SOA dead? This question keeps popping up every now and then within the IT community and though we all seem to agree that SOA is far from dead something has indeed radically changed: our expectations. Just a few years ago, perhaps months, we considered SOA to be the solution to all of our (IT) problems, promising to unleash the power of our business, and that just by thinking 'services'! But judging by the decreasing number (still a lot anyhow) of events and focus around SOA it's quite obvious that SOA has been somehow a disappointment. The q... (more)

SOA – Integration or Interaction?

SOA and integration have been working together so well that we tend to forget that SOA is not just about integrating and we often refer to SOA itself as mainly an integration architecture. The word ‘integration’ has been used for decades to describe the possibility for systems to interact, which makes it confusing when applying it to the SOA domain where it might be relevant to distinguish between integrating and interacting. The point is that integration and interaction are two different things but how they differ depends on the way you define integration. There are those that me... (more)

SOA World Magazine: The Value of Process Driven Architecture

We all are aware of the importance of  BPM (where ‘M’ stands for modeling) for good business governance. BPM is the discipline of describing business processes in a uniform and ordered fashion. Documenting your business processes allows you to easily review them, share them and get control over them. Standardizing on one BPM tool makes it easier for the business to work with the models making them understandable to everyone. Once you have a good understanding of what your business processes look like you can improve them, modify them etc. But having a BPM tool does n... (more)